Welcome to our pathfinder on planetary research!

You are about to embark on your own planetary exploration! You will be exploring the following essential questions relating to a planet or prominent object in space:
  • Is this planet or prominent object inhabitable by humans?
  • Under what conditions could it be made habitable?
  • How could humans create such conditions?
  • What current Earth industries might find it practical to pursue interests in this planet?

Be prepared to present your findings as a scientist with both a sllide show and compelling oral presentation.

As you present, remember to:
  • Engage your audience
  • Use interesting and appropriate graphics to attract proper attention
  • Use statements of fact, but do not deliver these facts as a simple list.

We expect you to use a variety of resources for your research:
  • one print encyclopedia (this could be a science or earth science reference)
  • one online reference source
  • one nonfiction book (Browse in Dewey number 523)
  • two articles from the library’s subscription databases
  • one current event (a magazine, newspaper, or online news source from within the last five years)
  • one site from the free Web
  • one popular cultural reference (music, religion, movies, literature, myth, etc.)

Searching Tips

Remember that the names of planets and other heavenly bodies are used in many different ways in our language. When you are searching for information on your planet, use the name of your planet and other keyword to ensure that you don’t get noisy results, for example: cars, candy bars, and cartoon characters.
In Google you won’t need to include AND. You will need to include words and phrases to help you disambiguate or clarify what you are really looking for!

In databases try strategies like these:
saturn AND planet

Remember, this is a wiki and we are hoping you will contribute and help our project grow. Get the password to edit pages from your teacher or Mrs. Valenza

Take me to your resources!

Images from NASA Images